Thursday, 11 March 2010

Our Secret Garden is nearly ready. We are having two planting and digging days on Thursday the 25th and Saturday the 27th March. Please come along and help make a difference to your community.

We are on the D'Eynsford estate off Kimpton Road. If you walk down Kimpton Road from Camberwell Church Street (By the KFC) you
will see us. It's about 15 metres on the right.

There will be free cakes and tea, and everyone is welcome, especially children.

With many thanks to the Walworth Garden Farm for all their help and work. Above is a photo of some of the crew and below a picture of the very shy artists who have designed the amazing new entrance.

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  1. just had a look at flicker, amazing photographs! thanks for a fun day or a fun hour, hope saturday goes well & dry xxx